Cargo transportation

Transportation is directly linked to economic growth. It is an activity that physically integrates a business into the supply chain. Because, the relationship between the supplier and the customer is quite strong, therefore, transportation is of great importance to the customers’ attitude towards the products offered by the companies. Transportation is one of the most important actions in business.

Parcel transportation

We transport door-to-door parcels of various sizes and weights throughout Lithuania, Europe, England and Denmark. We ensure the smoothness of all necessary operations, parcel security and delivery accuracy. If necessary, we buy and deliver various items from advertisements or online stores like Ebay, Amazon, Craiglist and others.


Moving services

We offer a full range of services required for moving – loading, unloading, packing and unpacking services. We strive to meet the needs of our customers, so we work at any time of the day, and the scope of moving works is not important. We carry out transportation throughout Lithuania and Europe.

Rules for packing and marking of consignments

A long-awaited parcel brings real joy, but you often have to be disappointed because the contents of your parcel were damaged during the trip due to poor packaging. By following a few simple rules, it is not at all difficult to properly prepare the package and its contents for the trip.



We would like to inform you that „Ecotrip” will continue to deliver the parcels and cargo, but the transport schedule will change. Information about the schedule changes will be updated soon, so stay tuned. We also inform you that due to the situation, we are temporarily suspending the transportation of passengers. Stay safe and healthy!

For parcels and cargo transportation, please contact: +37060122060 or +447479622299.