Moving services

We live in a period when, very often for various reasons, we have to change our place of residence or the company’s premises in the course of commercial activities. Moving is a service for those who want to move their belongings from city to city, from country to country or even on a nearby street. This is a service for those who want to entrust the whole moving process to professionals with many years of experience in this activity.


“The Ecotrip” team can help you. We offer a full range of services required for moving – packing, unpacking, loading and unloading. We strive to meet the needs of our customers, so we work at any time of the day, the volume of moving is not important. We carry out transportation throughout Lithuania and Europe. We offer both a full vehicle and a part – depending on the volume of the cargo and the customer’s needs. If necessary, we can also perform the assembling and dismantling services for large items.



We would like to inform you that „Ecotrip” will continue to deliver the parcels and cargo, but the transport schedule will change. Information about the schedule changes will be updated soon, so stay tuned. We also inform you that due to the situation, we are temporarily suspending the transportation of passengers. Stay safe and healthy!

For parcels and cargo transportation, please contact: +37060122060 or +447479622299.